After losing the election, he became a council member of the Vilnius municipality and leader of the conservative faction in the council [21]. The bank will inform you of the upcoming date by which the Questionnaire must be updated. Information about customers identity data, accounts, deposits, etc. Execution and continuity of hotel operations. Dovanų kuponas -ai turi būti išnaudotas -oti per vieną apsilankymą.

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In London, Majauskas worked in Barclays Bank and was an Adviser to the governments of Central and Eastern Europe, advising them on how to manage their debts during the crisis. He also worked in the Government of Andrius Kubilius for four years. Participated in managing the financial crisis, attracting foreign investment to Vilnius Barclays and Western Unioncreating personis internete independence projects. Between and he was shadow minister of finance of Homeland Union Inhe participated in the elections of Lithuanian municipal councils and ran for the Mayor of Vilnius.

After four years in real estate, Majauskas moved to work for Barclays Bank global investment bank arm Barclays Capital [3]. He worked in the structured finance team, and later in the investment banking division assisting the governments of emerging markets in raising money in international capital markets. Following a four-year term working for the government, Majauskas returned to the private sector. He became the Chairman of the Board of the biggest online retailer in the Baltics and attracted investment from leading Polish venture capital personis internete MCI [4].

InMykolas was the founding curator [7] of Global Shapers Vilnius Hub — a part of the World Economic Forum initiative that connects young and driven people in their 20s and 30s who aspire to shape the future of the world by improving Vilnius City and Lithuania [8]. Today, Vilnius Hub unites outstanding leaders of Lithuania from diverse sectors and fields [9].

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Suicide prevention Lithuania is one of the leading countries in the world considering suicide rates 30,8 suicides per citizenswhich was three times higher than the EU average in [10]. Most people have experienced suicide in their family or friend circle, and getting professional psychological help is still very stigmatized in Lithuania. The information available to these authorities can be used as an additional source of data to verify the information you provide.

The questionnaire is personis internete for opening a bank account or renewal of your information. A personal identity card does not provide any data about the country of birth. You may have several citizenships if you have personal identity documents issued by several states.

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In this case, please specify all your citizenships. If you do not have certain information or you are not sure, ask your parents or guardians.

In this case, in this section please indicate the following information: type of the personal identity document passport or personal identity card ; Lithuania as the state of issue of the personal identity document; number of the personal identity document; date of issue and expiry of the personal identity document.

In the event you have more than one personal identity document, please provide data about these documents in this section. In the event you do not have a personal identity document issued in Lithuania, please, in this section, provide data about your personal identity documents issued by another state AND the temporary or permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania if you have one.

If you live permanently personis internete Lithuania, you will most probably have a telephone number provided by telecommunications companies operating in Lithuania.

  1. Consultation Polyclinic - VšĮ Respublikinė Panevėžio ligoninė
  2. UAB Neringos Apartamentai follows the following main data processing principles: - personal data are collected only for clearly defined and legitimate purposes; - personal data are processed only lawfully and fairly; - personal data is constantly updated; - personal data are stored securely and for no longer than required by the purposes for which the data are processed or by law; - personal data are processed only by those Hotel employees who have been granted such a right in accordance with their work functions or by duly authorized data processors.
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  4. Anglų kalbos ir literatūros bakalauro studijų programa
  5. ISSN (Online) | Specialusis ugdymas | The ISSN Portal
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In the e-mail section provide the e-mail address, to which the Bank could send information, which is aimed for you and which is related to the Bank services you use.

The Bank could also use this e-mail address to send you a request to revise the information provided in the Questionnaire. If you are a citizen of another state and you have a temporary or permanent residence permit in Lithuania, your Lithuanian tax payer number is your personal number indicated in your temporary or permanent residence permit in Lithuania.

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Ask your parents or guardians for information about the tax payer number provided by a foreign state. You must also submit a document confirming that you study in an education institution, for example, a certificate from the education institution; if your mother, father, brother, sister or guardian is a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or a legal resident of Lithuania, i.

Choose the appropriate amount. In the event the amount specified by you exceeds EUR 15, you have to specify the origin of the money, i. In the personis internete the amount of the cash deposited will be more than EUR 15, per month, you have to specify the most frequent origin of the cash, i. In the event the monthly amount of cash withdrawals exceeds EUR 15, per month, you have to indicate the most frequent reason for cash withdrawals, i. In this case you must also specify in the Questionnaire section the full name, personal number, position of this person as well as the institution where this person works, the last date of his position if you know it and the country, where this person is a politically exposed person.

You can always use the possibility to consult with the Personis internete employees.

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You can do this by calling to the or by visiting any subdivision of the Bank. In order to get to know our customers and to maintain a business relationship based on mutual trust, we ask our customers to cooperate with us and with other responsible authorities such as the State Enterprise Registers Centreupdating and providing relevant information about themselves, including accurate contact information, personis internete case it is necessary to contact them.

According to legislative requirements, the bank must regularly update customer data. It is also more convenient for customers when their data is updated and they do not have to worry about it themselves. With relevant and accurate customer data, we can offer our customers better services.


If the name change is registered in Lithuania, the bank will change your name based on the data of the Population Register of the Republic of Lithuania. This will not affect the use of your account s or services in any way. We recommend informing the persons and institutions that make transfers to you about your new name. Transfers under your old name can be made for six months.

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After six months, transfers can only be made under your new name. We recommend changing your payment card before traveling abroad.

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Otherwise, the name on your payment card will be changed when renewing the current payment card once it expires. If the name change is not registered in Lithuania, please provide the necessary documents confirming the change of name.

You can do this by booking an appointment in advance to visit our customer service unit. If you do not complete personis internete Customer Questionnaire for Natural Persons and submit it to us on time, we will not be able to provide you with some of our services, or maybe not any of them. This means that there may be limitations on the use of your bank account, your payment card sthe Swedbank internet banking page and smart app; and other services may also be withheld from you.

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You will be able to resume using our services when you complete the Customer Questionnaire for Natural Persons and submit it to us. You will find more information in the General conditions of dealing with and servicing the customers. Only together with our customers we can ensure the sustainability of the finance system.

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Therefore, we sincerely invite customers of our bank to join in the effort to create a sustainable finance system, by providing us with up-to-date information and drawing attention to suspicious activity, which may be associated with money laundering or terrorist financing. By sharing information with us, you help us to be better prepared to discover and to block the way of illegal activity.

Final Conference was a successful event with almost 300 online participants!

Money laundering is activity aimed at hiding or obfuscating the true source of illegally obtained funds or other assets. Right to request rectification of data. Right to request erasure of data "Right to be forgotten". This right shall not apply if the personal data requested to be deleted are also processed on another legal basis, such as processing necessary for the performance of the contract or the performance of an obligation under the applicable law.

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Right to restrict data processing. Right to object to data processing. Right to data portability. The right to data portability must not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others. The data subject shall not have the right to data portability in respect of personal data which are processed manually in structured files, such as paper files. The right to request that a decision based on automated data processing, including profiling, not be limited.

The right to submit a complaint regarding the processing of personal data to the State Data Protection Inspectorate. The hotel must enable the data subject to exercise the above-mentioned rights of the data subject, except in cases established by law, when it is necessary to ensure state security or defence, public order, prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal activities, important state economic or financial interests, official or the prevention, investigation and detection of breaches of professional ethics, the protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject or of any other person.

The data subject may, in order to exercise his rights, apply personis internete the Hotel: 9. You can also contact the Hotel Data Protection Officer via email: asmensduomenys sdg.

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In order to protect the data from unauthorized disclosure, the Hotel must verify the identity of the data subject upon receipt of a request from the data subject to provide data or exercise other rights. The hotel's response shall be provided to the data subject no later than one month from the date of receipt of the data subject's request, taking into account the specific circumstances of the processing of personal personis internete.

This period may be extended by a further two months, if necessary, depending on the complexity and number of applications. The data subject must: It is important for the hotel to have correct and valid data subject information. This is necessary for the protection of the data subject's data and those of other persons, so that the information disclosed about the data subject is provided only to the data subject, without prejudice to the rights of other persons.

By providing personal data to the Hotel, the data subject agrees to this Privacy Policy, understands its provisions, and agrees to abide by it. The Hotel reserves the right to unilaterally change this Privacy Policy at any time during the development and improvement of the Hotel.