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We respect your right to privacy, therefore we will not gather any additional data; hence, the collected data will be handled and secured according to the laws. Meeting Point The edition of MPV will be held online April 14—16 International industry event Meeting Point — Vilnius Meeting Point — Vilnius is the work-in-progress audiovisual industry event to discover, develop and support European talents and upcoming debut films. It aims to build a network between different European macro-regions: from the Baltics to the South East, from the Caucasus to Western Europe.

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Feature films, documentaries and animated feature films that are scheduled to be completed and premiered between and early are strongly invited to apply! Industry Screening Platform A platform entirely dedicated to festival programmers, distributors, sales and commissioning agents, who will have reserved screenings of the finest upcoming Baltic projects at their disposal.

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Lithuanian Room: a digital catalogue of upcoming Lithuanian films available for festivals and sales. A series of panels dedicated to contemporary and future trends of the audiovisual industry.

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Talents Nest The talent development initiative aiming to explore and nurture emerging professionals from the Baltic countries, Belarus, Ukraine and the Caucasus. Selected emerging authors, actors, producers and film critics coming from the Baltics, ex-Soviet countries and the Caucasus will be offered the possibility to enter the film industry through dedicated lectures, meetings with decision makers and networking events.

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