If you have a business, you can get a PPP loan. Like, do your thing girl and you can and you can still leave a legacy.

Never give up afrocentric dating website uh so that's kind of how things have transformed through the years um but it's pretty exciting. Next, we have Taryn. Next, we have Kenny. Hi, I'm Kenny Wilson. I have a wealth management company uh called Wilson Financial. I've been in business almost 10 years now and uh I was a finance executive with Procter and Gamble uh for twenty plus years.

Может быть, он, Олвин, еще будет здесь, чтобы встретить его, но даже если нет, он все равно был вполне удовлетворен своим решением. -- Мне представляется, что ты рассудил мудро, -- отозвался Джизирак.

I was a chick fil A franchisee. Divest it discovered that the food, restaurant industry wasn't for me and uh you know, really just afrocentric dating website into financial services and and wealth management and pažinčių svetainė mlb have become one of the top financial advisers in the world as designated by an organization called 1 Million dollars Roundtable. I've made that 7 years in a row and uh I've got two offices, seven employees, and uh my is to uh you know, break the generational curses of poverty, help people build uh legacies and build wealth, uh protect themselves, their assets, their families, and comfortably retire Absolutely.

So, y'all see we brought some veterans today, right? We want to make sure that any of your questions are going to be answered because the last year, if nothing else, it helps you to see that it's not good enough to just get a job, Right?

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We can't just get good jobs. We have to build businesses in order to leave a legacy behind.

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So, when the when I think of the first question for me. The first question is, when did you know that it was meant for you to be an entrepreneur And anybody can chime in and and answer that question because I think afrocentric dating website have that moment right where you're like, listen, this ain't it. I can't work for nobody else.

That's right. I gotta go and and get it for myself.

Who wants to, I'll I'll start. So, I think for me actually, I never thought about being an entrepreneur.

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You know, I'm telling you guys, like you got some millennials that are like Y two K. What is that? Y two K hits.

So and at that time, I was actually in my third trimester of being pregnant a newly wed and I made a decision at that moment to take some time pause, try to figure it out, and when I realized was I wanted to spend more time with my daughter and be afrocentric dating website wife which was something if anybody that know me know that's like it's too extremes but what I discovered was spending that time I never wanted to give that much time that I was given to them back to a corporate job Um I did go back to corporate for about 3 years and what I've discovered then was yeah, this isn't for me.

Money is great.

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If you're not, you know, if you can't use the way that you want to use it, you know, to get up and punch a car from eight to five and it's not to knock a corporate job because corporate amanda įgulos pažintys clark duke have their place, right But for me, I was like, I can't be creative. It just it was it was limiting me and I knew that there was more inside of me that I needed to get out and so I just really for me, the light I'm out of a conversation with someone that simply said to me, Terry, you should sell your desserts and I thought that pažintys barselona app the craziest thing that anybody can really say afrocentric dating website me because I grew up in a family that cooked from scratch.

I thought this is what all people and I've learned, right?

Поэтому мы проведем ночь на вершине, а путешествие закончим утром. На этот раз Олвин вынужден был признать поражение. Снаряжение, которое они несли, было очень объемистым, но не весило практически. Все было упаковано в гравикомпенсаторные контейнеры, которые нейтрализовали вес, поэтому иметь дело приходилось только с массой и, следовательно, с силой инерции. Пока Олвин двигался по прямой, он совершенно не ощущал, что за плечами у него есть какой-то груз.

That young people really don't do this, right? So, um I really just used all my skill sets and I built afrocentric dating website business in like 30 days.

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That's how I'm determined I was but I'm a person that once I put my mind to something, there's no turning. It's it's all or nothing and you know, sinceI have not looked back and started another business. So, it was probably, I would say the best decision I could have awesome.

Как человек, разминающий мускулы перед предстоящим ему большим усилием, она произвела смотр всему, что было в ее силах предпринять в случае необходимости. -- Вы готовы, Олвин. -- спросила она, -- Совершенно готов, -- ответил Олвин, но в голосе у него прозвучало нечто такое, что заставило Сирэйнис внимательно посмотреть на .

I remember being in a Panera and you and I, you were just getting ready to start and or maybe you just launched um but she said, you know, I have this dream of being uh uh an owner of a bakery, a brick and mortar bakery and I remember thinking she's going to do it. I get to the fire in her eyes and I could just see it and it's just so exciting to be here in your space and to see how you've grown through the years and it's just awesome.

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So, um I think that there's just something in an entrepreneur that there's that fire that there's something more. Mm hmm. And that's not like you said, there's a place for I think everyone is um blended in a in a certain way that you have AA, certain gift to bring forth and there's a fire inside of you that you just can't ignore and um I remember my parents, they were like, okay, you work for a job, you retired from that job and you're set, you have your retirement, you're all good to go.

I right out of college I was working for a publication in Philadelphia and I just met who I'm now married to.

The more I um increase the revenue and um and and and they'll post your job the day you die. And II think you realize I'm pouring so much more than just a Nine-to-five. It's my like my wheels were just always turning and it's like if I'm going to do that, if I'm made to do that, I want to do it for myself.

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